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Happy Monday or Should I say Happy MMONday! I’m Tanisha a Medical Mom of NICU to a Kidney Warrior & Cancer Fighter plus a Pandemic Mom of 2 under 2! Welcome to Medical Moms of NICU podcast where we help NICU Moms, Life after NICU Moms, and NICU Moms of Medically-Complexed Miracles worldwide navigate the medical system with ease by sharing Medical Mom tips, NICU resources, and Medical advice from Medical Experts. We thank you for listening every MMONday to each episode whether you are in the hospital making powerful life-changing decisions for your miracle to thrive, or you are at home adjusting to the round-the-clock medical care your miracle requires after NICU discharge. We thank you for listening to each episode, downloading it and sharing it with your family and friends. Follow us on Instagram and TikTok to receive Free Medical Mom Takeaway Tips! Join our Facebook Medical Momunity to share your NICU miracle’s story and medical milestones you are proud of!

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Monday Jun 03, 2024

Happy MMONday, and welcome to another episode of the Medical Moms of NICU podcast! I'm Tanisha, a medical mom of a kidney warrior and cancer fighter, navigating life as a pandemic mom of two under two. Join us as we help NICU moms, life after NICU moms, and moms of medically complex miracles worldwide navigate the medical system with ease. We share medical tips, NICU resources, and expert advice to support you on this journey.
In today's episode, we reflect on the first half of 2024 and the importance of prayer, purging, and purifying. As my family prepares to move into our new home, I discuss the significance of creating a nurturing environment for our children and the blessings of new beginnings. I share insights on maintaining a strong relationship with God, letting go of old traumas, and prioritizing self-care, especially mental health.
We also touch on the power of community and the value of surrounding yourself with positive influences. As our family embarks on this new chapter, I encourage you to declutter your mind and focus on your goals, no matter the setbacks. Remember, you are capable of achieving your aspirations, and having an accountability partner can make a significant difference.
Join our Medical Moms of NICU community on Facebook to share your NICU story and connect with other medical moms. Thank you for your continuous support, and remember, you are more than capable of handling your child's medical complex care.
Until the next episode, take care of you.
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Mental Health May

Monday May 20, 2024

Monday May 20, 2024

Welcome to a new episode of Medical Moms of NICU, where we share invaluable tips, resources, and invaluable advice to help you smoothly navigate the medical system. Join in every Monday to listen to our episodes, whether you're in a hospital making life-altering decisions for your loved one or at home adapting to their medical needs after NICU discharge.
This episode is led by Tanisha, a medical mom who deals with her child's serious medical conditions while still managing the duties of motherhood during a pandemic. As an advocate for mental health, Tanisha shares her personal experiences with therapy in handling the trauma from her son's time in NICU and recent losses in her family.
She highlights the importance of mental health resources, including therapy, particularly for those dealing with loss and trauma. Tanisha encourages others to seek help if they need it, mentioning support groups and applications such as Better You and Better Help being invaluable in her own journey.
Tanisha also shares how therapy has helped her process her emotions and be more present, interacting with her church virtually when she can't be there physically, and advocating for oneself. Lastly, she invites the listeners to consider seeking help from employee assistance programs which are offered by many employers, emphasizing the crucial part they have played in her personal journey.
Tune in to this hopeful discussion to receive the support you need and remember, your mental health matters. Check out our website at for more resources and consultation services. Ensure to grab a copy of our children's book, "TKO CKD: My Fight to Live (Round 1), which celebrates chronic illness champions worldwide and gives hope in seemingly hopeless situations.
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Monday May 13, 2024

Welcome to this special episode of Medical Moms of NICU podcast where Tanisha, a medical mom herself, discusses the challenges and triumphs of maintaining a healthy marriage while raising a medically complex child. As parents of a kidney warrior and cancer fighter, plus two more kids born during the pandemic, Tanisha and her husband have experienced a rollercoaster of emotions and hurdles. In this episode, she shares her journey of navigating these challenges while celebrating her 10-year relationship and 8-year marriage with her husband.
Tanisha highlights the importance of taking advantage of support resources, like Community Connections' respite support for guardians in Arkansas, which allows for a much-needed break from parenting duties. She emphasizes the need to nurture relationships outside of the roles of parents and caregivers, reminding listeners that medical moms are more than just their children's champions; they are individuals with personal needs and mental health that also need to be taken care of.
She shares her learning experiences of how to communicate effectively with her spouse and the importance of having those courageous conversations to express what's in their hearts. Tanisha encourages her listeners to also explore respite care services or ask for support from those around them, as it can make a world of difference for their relationship and overall family wellbeing. By sharing her journey, she hopes to inspire other NICU parents and guardians to continue nurturing their relationships amidst their relentless medical caregiving responsibilities.
Also, don't forget to subscribe and follow Medical Moms of NICU on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook to receive free medical mom takeaway tips, share your NICU miracle stories, and celebrate medical milestones.
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Medical Mom Day 2024: REST

Monday May 06, 2024

Monday May 06, 2024

Welcome to the Medical Moms of NICU podcast, a sanctuary for all NICU Moms across the globe. Coined by Tanisha, a medical mom herself to a kidney warrior, cancer fighter, and a pandemic mom of two under two, this podcast aims to empower moms blazoning through the medical system. Whether you're hunched over in the hospital making life-changing decisions for your little miracles or back at home juggling around-the-clock medical care, this podcast sheds light on the riveting journey you're carving.
In this episode, aptly themed Happy Medical Mother's Day, Tanisha brings home the importance of self-care, specifically "REST." Deep-rooted in her own experience navigating the medical system while raising her kids, Tanisha underlines why preserving personal energy is crucial for moms grappling with their child's medical complexities.
The episode not only stresses the necessity of breaks but also explores the crucial role of boundaries. Tanisha shares how when everyone around them is in need, moms often feel obligated to give their absolute all, ignoring their own welfare in the process. Weaving in her experiences, she emphasizes on how important it is to say "no", to advocate for one's space, one's rest rather than pushing through constant fatigue. She encourages mothers to take care of themselves, to recover, recharge, rejuvenate - only then can they navigate numerous medical back-to-back traumas better.
In an attempt to aid this journey, Tanisha gives a peek into what's coming up ahead - rebranding of Medical Moms in NICU, greater partnerships for nonprofits and hospitals across the country, relocation to Arkansas, and more. Alongside, she shares her excitement about her oldest son's first book, "TKO CKD, My Fight to Live", available for pre-order on, as a part of the upcoming Chronic Kidney Disease book series.
In all the chaos, medical mom's navigate every day, Tanisha reminds them to slow down, to rest, to remember that they're phenomenal, and that they're capable of handling their child's complex care. She urges mothers to prioritize their mental well-being and rest, echoing the phrase 'you cannot pour from an empty cup' throughout the episode. With this podcast, she hopes to guide, share, and rejoice in the shared triumphs and setbacks that form the medical moms journey.
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Tuesday Apr 23, 2024

In this episode of "Medical Moms of NICU", Tanisha provides an uncensored look at her complex journey as a medical mom to a kidney warrior and cancer fighter. Balancing the daily struggle of their special needs and her own mental and emotional well-being, she discusses the impact this has on her relationship.In this highly personal episode, she provides an emotional recount of her day, which is marked by the bittersweet celebration of her 10-year wedding anniversary while in the ER with her son. She delves into the critical caregiving decision process, the high stress of the role, and the difficulties of maintaining a healthy and loving relationship amidst it all.
On the topic of marriage, she draws attention to the tragically high percentage of divorces among special needs parents. However, she also shares the faith, counseling, and communal support mechanisms that have kept her relationship alive. Tanisha emphasizes the importance of communication, self-care, and making time for each other amidst the turmoil.In a poignant moment, Tanisha highlights the 'beauty in the ashes' while sharing her family's own journey with recurring hospital visits and medical complications.
By being real about her struggles, Tanisha extends both a reassurance and a challenge to her listeners to be truthful about their own experiences.Tanisha concludes the episode by celebrating her 10-year marriage and sharing helpful resources like Black Love and Marriage aka BLAMCORE. This episode serves as an important navigation guide for mothers navigating the medical system with ease and balancing their relationships along the way.
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Black Maternal Health Week

Monday Apr 15, 2024

Monday Apr 15, 2024

Welcome to the Medical Moms of NICU podcast, hosted by Tanisha, a Medical Mom of NICU, to a kidney warrior and cancer fighter. With a growing bevy of followers on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook, Medical Moms of NICU looks to empower moms worldwide navigating the medical system with their NICU miracles.
This episode unveils Tanisha's personal journey with her oldest child, Jaleel, who was diagnosed with a rare urinary tract condition at 20 weeks. Packed with emotion and resiliency, Tanisha’s experience sheds light on the importance of asking questions and seeking out more options when it comes to medical care.
On this path, she discovered the medical strides made at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital that allowed her son the chance to persevere through his adversity. Tanisha shares this story to spotlight the unfortunate plight of Black women, particularly in Arkansas, who are not prioritized in their birth experiences and encourages mothers of color to seek more options and support during their fetal care journey.
Furthermore, this episode resonates the importance of recognizing unusual signs during pregnancy, advocating for oneself, and being the best advocate for one’s child. The wisdom shared in this episode is invaluable to future and current mothers, partners, and family members providing support during pregnancy and the NICU journey.
Tanisha also highlights the importance of self-care amidst caring for a medically complex miracle and encourages her listeners to attend therapy sessions. Remember, you are more than capable of handling your child's medical complex care. Stay tuned for more episodes to navigate the medical system with ease.
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Monday Apr 08, 2024

Welcome to a new episode of the Medical Moms of NICU podcast. On this milestone, we present a special episode for the Solar Eclipse day, and thank all our listeners for their constant support as we guide and share tips for NICU moms worldwide.
Our host, Tanisha, takes us through the significance of the day, noting that the last solar eclipse visible in totality from Arkansas was back in 1918. With the next one expected to occur in 25 years, the day is especially monumental. As we move towards the celestial spectacle, Tanisha shares crucial safety advice to protect your eyes while viewing the Solar Eclipse. You must wear special glasses complying with ISO 123.112-2:2015, which are special for viewing eclipses and are not the same as your everyday sunglasses. Note any discomfort or suspicious symptoms in your children post viewing the eclipse and consult with an eye doctor at the soonest.
For families in Arkansas, Tanisha introduces some fascinating and kid-friendly events at University Central Arkansas 10am-3pm CST where NASA information about the Solar Eclipse will be available along with other fun activities like games, bounce houses, and food. This episode is packed to the brim with not just Solar Eclipse safety information but also chronicles Tanisha's tips for navigating the medical system and coping with life after NICU.
Celebrate this celestial spectacle but remember to be cautious. Stay safe, and enjoy an amazing Solar Eclipse day!
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Medical Moms Boundaries 101

Monday Apr 01, 2024

Monday Apr 01, 2024

Welcome to the Medical Moms of NICU podcast with your host, Tanisha! Join us on this journey as we delve into the multi-faceted world of being a medical mom to a kidney warrior and cancer survivor, while sharing invaluable tips and resources to help other NICU moms navigate through the medical system.
In this captivating episode, Tanisha brings the spotlight onto an often overlooked topic: the importance of setting boundaries as a medical mom. It's a reality check and also a guide to help you implement these boundaries within your child's care while prioritizing your own wellbeing.
Uncover useful tips on how to balance multitasking with having time for yourself, how to handle medical emergencies gracefully with the support of child care assistance and how to coordinate appointments effectively to reduce hospital visits. With years of experience, Tanisha shares profound insights on caregiving and how to make it through with resilience.
Amidst the serious medical chat, there is a guest appearance from Jaleel, Tanisha’s special guest: a proud kidney warrior and a charming, autistically awesome child through life with utmost strength.
Along with the insightful conversation, we also encourage you to join our Facebook community to share your unique NICU journey, medical milestones you are proud of, and to connect with other moms who are in your shoes. This podcast doesn't just aim at providing medical mom strategies, but rather, it aspires to foster unity, creating a vibrant community.
Listen in to this episode and discover how you can start prioritizing your wellbeing while effectively managing your child's medical conditions without feeling overwhelmed. Because you are more than capable of executing extraordinary tasks!
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Friday Mar 29, 2024

Welcome to the Medical Moms of NICU podcast. In this episode, our host Tanisha, a medical mom to a kidney warrior and cancer fighter, shares the unique challenges and triumphs of being a mother to medically complex miracles. This episode, entitled 'March Forward', is a testament to resilience and hope amidst the storms of life.
Tanisha's personal story is a poignant one; peppered with medically intense moments, like her oldest son's kidney transplant and the frequent ailments of her other two children. She discusses the importance of being proactive in the face of these challenges, championing the need to share the often long untold struggles of post-transplant life.
Throughout the episode, she encourages fellow medical NICU moms to march forward, even in the face of adversity, and partake in the continuous progression that characterizes the chronic illness journey. The episode includes practical tips on resource The utilization, the importance of motherly intuition, and the need to trust the healthcare providers.
Tanisha also talks about the various resources and services available on the Medical Moms of NICU website to support postpartum healing, discussions on the book series about her son's fight against chronic kidney disease, and mentions an upcoming special needs conference, Moments of Joy Fest.
At the heart of this episode lies a call to action for all. A calling to all parents, caregivers, or guardians of children with medical complexities: continue making strides, no matter how small. The episode ends with a reaffirmation, a credo for all medical moms navigating the NICU landscape, 'you are more than capable.'
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Thursday Mar 14, 2024

Welcome to our special broadcast on World Kidney Day on 'Medical Moms of NICU' podcast. Joined by Tanisha, a medical mom to a kidney warrior and cancer fighter, she shares her inspiring journey from the diagnosis of her son's chronic kidney problem and bladder dysfunction to his survival and thriving six years later.
Tanisha uses this podcast to celebrate her son's life and progress, and to encourage parents navigating similar journeys. She shares the significant role of organ transplants in managing chronic illnesses and the invaluable life-saving possibilities it offers. Highlighting the value of sharing personal stories, she explains how this not only educates and increases awareness about kidney disease but also provides emotional and financial support from a community spanning across the globe.
She goes into the detailed personal experiences of living with chronic kidney disease including the daily medicine, shots, and dialysis. She also emphasizes the importance of celebrating medical milestones to gain strength for the continuous medical marathon. Further, she iterates the importance of financial planning considering the expensive nature of managing chronic illnesses and encourages listeners to leverage resources like GoFundMe campaigns and kickstarters.
Beyond her personal journey, Tanisha shares the opportunities that unfolded by partnering with nonprofits like the American Transplant Foundation and Ronald McDonald House and others. She encourages listeners to share their stories, their victories, as well as struggles, and to use her platform 'Medical Moms and NICU' to learn about resources developed over years that might aid them in their special needs journeys.
She concludes with an invitation to participate in her podcast, especially individuals and providers in the healthcare arena and nonprofits supporting special needs families. Her journey is a testament of resilience and determination and serves as a beacon of hope to many navigating similar circumstances.
Have a wonderful World Kidney Day and remember, sharing personal experiences goes a long way in spreading awareness and kindness. It's free to engage and it's a powerful tool for change.
#kidneydisease #nicu #kidneytransplant #caregiving #medicalmom #shareyourstory #dialysis


Welcome to Medical Moms of NICU

Happy MMONday! Welcome to Medical Moms of NICU where we help NICU Moms, Life after NICU Moms, and NICU Moms of Medically-Complexed Miracles navigate the medical system with ease by sharing NICU resources, Medical Mom Tips, and Medical Advice from Medical Experts to help you navigate the medical system with ease.

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